Our Story

Powered by Nature,
Backed by Science.


This is how it all started...

When the pandemic hit us, we stumbled upon two
powerful herbs to treat Covid and its variants viz Ginseng & Curcumin.
Interestingly, these two herbs are also well-known
in traditional Asian medicine.

Hearing recovery stories after the use of these
two herbs gave us a lot of hope. That’s when we decided to try them ourselves. And the results were nothing short of inspiring.

Our team of expert scientists then began researching
on Ginseng and Curcumin. We were determined to bring it to the mainstream market to serve more people.

Fast forward to now, Immunity bloom has now grown
exponentially in the online space. With each passing day, we find deep trust and appreciation amongst our customers and peers.

Our mission

We've started Immunity Bloom with the ambition to deliver optimum quality and standard-compliant nutritional supplements for all.

Our vision

Be indispensable in people's lives by offering products to sustain healthy living.

Why are we here?

We started this journey almost a decade ago,
but today Immunity Bloom has found its place in providing top-quality health supplements to customers worldwide.


Your questions. Our Answers.

Shield-om capsule should be taken empty stomach which is half and hour before breakfast with water every day to be effective. If you are on other medication please have it after our supplements.

However, Rawcurin capsule should be taken once a day after the meal with water.
You can continue for 3 months or can consult with our Doctor to know more.

Should the supplements be taken with food?
NO, it should be taken empty stomach with water.

Ginseng doesn’t need to build up in your body for you to feel it’s effect. It could take as little as 24 hours or up to 48 hours to notice a difference in how you’re feeling. How rapidly you feel the effects will depend on what type of ginseng and what form you’re taking, along with how high of a dose you’re on.


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